We are located on the last 1.68 acres of the original owners 100+ acre dairy farm.

We are working to preserve the legacy of this land by raising dairy goats, pastured egg layers, vegetables, herbs, flowers and community Farm Feasts. 

The land we currently live on is the last small piece of what was a large cattle dairy enterprise that began around 1920. We do not know a great deal about this property but will continue to try to learn more. 

We do know that the dairy was owned by a family called The Littles.  There is still a metal name plate on one of our outbuildings and we have met folks in town that knew that family that began the dairy. It is rumored that the Littles may have owned additional land around the corner from this plot on Middleton Road and operated the dairy from there as well.

As we learn more, we will post it here.  but in the meantime we are working diligently to build upon the legacy of this land having been designated for the growth of food for our community

Please see below how we are working towards our goals and towards building the legacy of this land...


So!  The literal, hard-core, in-actuality, tangible plans?


2018 Plans:

  • Add another 1/10th of an acre of beds to the existing 1/10th of an acre
  • Continue to improve soil and decrease weed pressure
  • Get licensed for raw goat milk sales by mid summer
  • Re-start our monthly Farm Feasts.(happening see events!)
  • Start a CSA/Farm Share membership (done! see the store!)
  • Mobile laying chicken coop built to be controlled free range instead of them being ‘free’ free range on my porch, windows and sneaking into my house
  • Mobile goat housing built for rotational grazing
  • Paint the outbuildings
  • Fix two frost free spigots
  • Rebuild our fire pit
  • Trim trees
  • Remove the NOT HEAVENLY trees of heaven.
  • About 1,000 other small, important, have-to-do’s, for upkeep, maintenance and beautifying.
  • And, maybe the most important of all of these?  Keeping perspective and gratitude in the literal step of each process, task, goal and dream


2019 Plans:

  • Increase vegetable, herb and flower gardens to encompass 3/4 acre
  • 3rd & 4th pastured broiler chicken tractors built
  • Add a milk cow so we can offer A2/A2 milk and milk products
  • Continue to improve soil and decrease weed pressure
  • Extend road to create better access
  • Rebuild compost bins and expand them
  • Add an outdoor kitchen to our patio for our Farm Feasts
  • Build a walk in cooler