Grass-Fed Chicken Eggs

Grass-Fed Chicken Eggs

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At the bottom of the description, choose from the following:

  1. One dozen eggs $6.00 per dozen
  2. Four dozen eggs $5.50 per dozen: this provides you with 4 consecutive weeks of eggs NOT 4 dozen at a time and saves you .50 cents per dozen
  3. Eight dozen eggs $5.00 per dozen: this provides you with 8 consecutive weeks of eggs NOT 8 dozen at a time and saves you $1.00 per dozen

Provisions Farm & Feed Eggs are from pretty little hens, free to roam on grassy, nutrient dense pasture*, feeding on grass, herbs, worms and bugs, adding a diverse nutrient profile to their diet. They are supplemented with Northwest grown, Non-GMO whole and split lentils, peas, barley, corn and soybeans with mineral rich sea kelp, as well as fresh cuttings from our garden. To read more about the care and feeding of our laying hens please click here.

What does how our hens are raised mean to you?  It means that our eggs are superior in nutrients compared to commercially produced eggs with:

  • 2/3 more Vitamin A (only readily available for absorption when eaten in meat/poultry products)

  • 2X more Omega 3

  • 3X more Vitamin E

  • 7X more Beta-Carotine

In addition eggs contain:

  • highest quality protein found in any food

  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin for eye health

  • Choline, an essential nutrient that aids fetal brain development and helps prevent birth defects

  • Naturally occuring Vitamin B12 (aids us in handling stress)

  • Amino acids, Tryptophan and Tyrosine which have antioxidant properties to help reduce cardiovascular disease and cancer

Your eggs come to you in a recyclable paper pulp carton reminiscent of the past in the unique shape of our cartons. Each carton has interesting facts, tips and recipes on the inside to help you learn more about the fabulous world of eggs!  Your eggs will be a variety of colors and speckles ranging from white, blue, tan, green, brown, copper and olive green. Color never affects taste or quality. It does look so pretty though!

We do have to disclose to you that our eggs are ungraded which means that the texture of the eggs once broken open have not been determined by a government agency. (examples are grade A, AA, etc.) The size of our eggs will vary from large to xtra-large and this is based solely on the weight of one dozen eggs, not the outside dimension of the egg shell.


*Disclosure: As of February 2018 our girls are in a large protected area due to their close proximity to our growing garden space and the fact that they wander into our very busy road in an attempt to, wait, can you guess?  In an attempt to "cross the road"! We are in the process of building a mobile coop that will allow the girls more freedom without sacrificing our garden or the hens themselves.  In the meantime, we replicate pasture as best we can by providing them with greens of all sorts on a daily basis.  We will update this description as soon as the girls are back in the fields, no where near the streets!


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