Grass-Fed Whole Chicken Reservation

Grass-Fed Whole Chicken Reservation

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Chickens Ready On:

The 2nd or 3rd weeks of May, June, July, August, September and October depending on when the chickens are large enough to be processed.


Delivery Type:

Pick Up

(Delivery is available for $5 per delivery in our delivery area, please select delivery or pickup in your options below)


Pick Up Locations:

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#1 Provisions Farm & Feed, 1805 Lone Star Road, Nampa. Fridays from 4-6:30pm

#2 Boise Farmers Market, 10th & Grove, Downtown Boise, Saturdays from 9am-1pm



The "Grass-Fed Whole Chicken Reservation" guarantees you one of our grass-nibbling, forage feasting, non-gmo-seed-and-grain gobbling, pastured whole chickens for each month we have them available.  You choose how many and which month you want them.

These Cornish Cross chickens will range between four and six pounds in weight and are excellent for roasting whole in your oven, butterflied and grilled, or broken down into pieces for fried chicken.  We like to take the bones with the meat bits left on them and make our own chicken broth. (recipe for the broth will be included with your chicken).

While our pastured-raised birds for May, June, July and October are the same breed** as those you have purchased from mainstream grocery stores they taste absolutely nothing like them. Our chicken is full of flavor, better texture, and are more lean. We never use medicated feed or antibiotics. We never clip their beaks to prevent cannibalism because they have lots of room to move around. We move their mobile houses at least one time a day to ensure they have fresh grass, herbs and bugs to munch on in addition to their non-gmo feed and fresh water. This also means they are not sitting in their own waste for their entire lives. Read more about how we raise our livestock by clicking here.

Once they have been processed by a local USDA certified facility, they never receive any saline injections, water injections or sodium injections to add any false flavors. They are air-chilled slowly until frozen to ensure that once you pick them up from us you have time to get them home safely.


**Note: May, June, July and October, roasters will be Cornish Cross. Heavier on white meat.

August and September, roasters will be a Red Ranger type. Heavier on dark meat, thicker skins (this equals crispier skins), even more flavorful than Cornish Cross.



Your purchase today is a $20 deposit on each whole, pastured, non-gmo, Cornish Cross chicken you would like to purchase.

If you reserve between one and four bird you will save .75 cents per pound when the chickens are ready to be picked up.

If you reserve five or more birds you will save $1.00 per pound when the chickens are ready to be picked up.

Unreserved chickens will be $6.25 per pound at the farmers market or online purchases if they are not all already reserved.


Here is how it works as an example:

  • You pay $20 now to reserve 1 chicken

  • You lock in your savings of .75 cents per pound of $5.50

  • As as example, the total weight of your chicken ends up being 5.3 pounds

  • $5.25 x 5.3 lbs = $27.83

  • $27.83 x 6% sales tax = $29.50

  • You have already paid $20 so your balance is only $9.50 due upon delivery or pick up.

If you were paying $6.25 a pound, your total, with sales tax, would be $35.12.  That's a savings of $5.62!

If you have any questions be sure to email us at and we will be happy to help you out!


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