who "we" are


We are a small market garden focused on healing the land/soil and food...

feeding as many folks as we can with nutrient dense, quality, real food...

and sharing what we know with as many as are interested.


We do all of the above through producing milk, cheeses, herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, eggs, pastured chicken broilers and Farm Feasts.


Farm Feasts are a private, invite only, donation funded gathering with the purpose of building relationship, finding awe in our daily lives, blessing our community and sharing information. Please contact us if you would like to attend the Farm Feasts, new and returning faces are what it is all about!


"We" includes all the people and the animals that are integral in the creation, maintenance and improvements of Provisions Farm & Feed. More specifics on the people will be included here soon!

So, that is us in a short and sweet version.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

who "i" am


Simply put? I am a city raised girl with farm girl dna.

Yes, I was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but I was raised by grandparents that grew up following the fruit harvest trails in Michigan and California and their stories of picking fruit with their parents was somehow romanticized by my young mind. Despite my ability to recall the details of the hardships of an agriculture based life, I believe their stories were the seeds sown that grew into my dreams of farming and growing food.

When I was 13 years old my father and stepmom took my sister and I to the Crawford "family farm" in Arkansas...the seeds sown into my childs heart took some rapid steps of growth by being on a farm that had been in the family for over 100 years. The quaintness, the quietness, the white buildings against an idyllic backdrop of mature trees and grassy fields, (and an old white horse) deepened ideas within my mind that this lifestyle was not truly disappearing...if only I could, one day, bring it back to life.

Fast forward past a few decades of childhood ideas and dreams buried under the realities of life and other 'fancier' ideas taking their place: Jump to 2003, now living in Idaho and my fifth child is born prematurely. As a result of that long journey, my husband and I began discovering the critical importance of food.  An area we always knew we could do better with and, "someday", we would.

Not only did we have a premature babe, we also had black mold in our home and our lives turned upside down in every way.  My daughter, just five years old then, looked as though she was dying and our oldest son, 2 years old, had chronic bronchial and skin sensitivities.  We began learning that in order to heal my children's bodies from the mold exposure and prematurity, we had to find and consume food that was grown without chemicals of any kind, that was nutrient dense and grown in soil that was also nutrient dense.

All of that was foreign to me.  I had no idea that the organic produce I had been splurging on in the grocery store chain, may still have organic chemicals on them or that the soil they were grown in may still be lifeles, and therefore, the vegetables that looked good on the outside may be doing very little nutritionally for my family on our insides.

So now what?  How do I provide these necessary, life-changing foods to my children?  Well, since I did not know about farmers markets yet and the wonderful producers that are often found at those locations: I began to grow our own food. I researched, watched videos, read books, looked up blogs and consumed every bit of information I could on growing nutrient dense food.

Jump forward again to 2009 when we bought the home we currently live in.  It sits on 1.68 acres and used to be a dairy farm, almost 100 years ago.  It is a quaint white farmhouse, with white outbuildings, mature trees and grassy fields.  I had no idea in 2009 that we would be turning those grassy fields into nutrient dense soil to become nutrient dense vegetables and herbs in 2018.

It was, once again, years long processes of getting chickens and learning about their health and nutrition needs, acquiring dairy goats and learning their needs, then expanding our vegetable and herb gardens and adding organic matter, maintaining microbial life, having folks over for dinner and bonfires and parties;  all in order to realize that healing, eating and sharing our abundance with others is truly what our land is designed for.

In 2017, after talking about the possibilities of it for far too long, after thinking 'maaaybeee' I could, I created a business entity.  Provisions Farm & Feed. With the tagline: Heal.Feed.Share. Garden beds were expanded and streamlined, seeds invested in, and plants grown. All so that we would be ready for 2018.  And you.

It is a delightful, joyful place to have the privilege of growing food for our community. It is a delightful, joyful place to grow food with intention, purpose, with a focus on what plants are most beneficial, healing, flavorful and beautiful.

It is a delightful, joyful and peaceful place to know that in the midst of serving others, I am living out a dream, a childhood idea, that farming is a lifestyle that can be brought back to life.

With you and for you.


Tammy Adams


Provisions Farm & Feed